Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut, Helicobacter Pylori And Acid Reflux. Cfs And Fibromyalgia. A Treatment Strategy. Part 2

05 June 2013

Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut, Helicobacter Pylori And Acid Reflux. Cfs And Fibromyalgia. A Treatment Strategy. Part 2

Sufferers following my protocol who have chronic Leaky Gut or IBS symptoms tend not to achieve the same degree of recovery as those who report no gastro-intestinal symptoms.

IBS or Leaky Gut sufferers often report having tried long antibiotic regimes, if they believe their syndrome to be of type 1 bacterial origin as previously discussed.

They may have been on Ibuprofen or Voltarol for pain, or sleeping pills or have tried the whole spectrum of supplements aimed at CFS/ Fibromyalgia.

Their current symptoms are those of bloating, intestinal gas, insufficient evacuation, acid reflux, general stomach discomfort, or a feeling of constantly needing to go to the toilet, in addition to their Fibromyalgia and fatigue symptoms

Some patients may begin suffering from gastric, duodenal ulcers or ulceration of the bowel.

It is also possible that they have developed a chronic Helicobacter Pylori infestation which is damaging the gut lining further, or chronic candidiasis in the aftermath of a prolonged antibiotic regime.

Using my protocols for manual spinal rotation and MLD, the patients with IBS or Leaky Gut symptoms had never benefited as much as patients without these symptoms.

I decided to search for a simple protocol that may deal with all these gastro-intestinal problems and i believe i have achieved this.

The protocol consists of:

8 weeks of Omeprazole:
Omeprazole is of the proton pump inhibitor family, which reduce the production of acid in your stomach.

Proton pump inhibitors are used to treat duodenal ulcers often related to NSAID misuse.
PPI&25263; are also used to treat ulcers infected by Helicobacter Pylori, and they are also used to prevent and treat acid that escapes from the stomach into the food pipe causing inflammation pain and heartburn (GERD).

This will deal with excess acid production in the stomach and problems associated with acid reflux; this reduces inflammation of the oesophagus and also facilitates better sleep patterns.

The standard dose is 20mg once daily.

8 weeks of Mebeverine Hydrochloride:
To complement the Omeprazole therapy this medicine helps the muscles of the gastro-intestinal tract to relax. This facilitates reduction in stomach pain, cramping constipation or diarrhoea, and flatulence associated with IBS or Leaky Gut syndrome.

This is sometimes known as antispasmodic therapy for the intestinal tract.

The combination of these two elements will stop the Leaky Gut syndrome, and allow repair of the damaged intestinal walls. The effects of this can be quite dramatic.

It goes without saying that toxins and poisons leaking into the bloodstream through a damaged intestinal wall can severely exacerbate or even cause aching limbs, tiredness and brain fog,

A whole subset of symptoms of the fatigue spectrum syndromes and Leaky Gut syndrome are frighteningly similar.

Helicobacter infection: triple therapy
Before starting the above regime your provider should perform a blood test for Helicobacter antibodies. If this is positive then this means you have a chronic Helicobacter infection which can cause serious ulceration and this should be dealt with using a triple medicine therapy.

The usual regime will be Amoxicillin monster legends hack cheats tool 1000mg twice daily, Metronidazole 750mg twice daily to remove the infection and Omeprazole 20mg twice daily to repair the ulcerated areas infected with Helicobacter.

8 ?10 weeks of probiotic therapy:
Sufferers recovering from extreme antibiotic therapy, painkiller (NSAID) misuse or poor diet should attempt to find probiotic supplements containing at least 5 billion cultures per capsule of lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium bifidum.

The capsules should always be enterically coated to make sure they reach the intestines intact, as probiotics are notoriously fragile and they are easily destroyed by stomach acids.

They should also be stored in the fridge or at least at low temperature.

If you are in the US then a new culture called &25538;lign?based on bifidus infantis 35624 is available from Proctor and Gamble affiliated outlets, and I would recommend trying this for up to 10 weeks in combination with Mebeverine Hydrochloride and Omeprazole.

Studies have been released showing bifidus infantis may be a genuine natural antidote for IBS sufferers.

The combination of these therapies is proving to be extremely powerful and remarkably fast acting in many sufferers, and in cases of Leaky Gut syndrome where patients have in effect been self poisoning, substantial improvements can be noted within the first month of use.

The usual dietary regimes obviously should be adhered to, but within a few weeks you should also be able to start adding in foods that you would not normally eat, to avoid developing allergies.

As inflammation of the digestive, intestinal and bowel tract recedes, and any associated ulceration heals, the irritation of the associated sympathetics and parasympathetic nerves will reduce and toxins will stop leaking across the previously damaged walls of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Fibromyalgia/ CFS symptoms will reduce to a level that would have been achieved earlier if you weren&25264; suffering from related IBS/ Leaky Gut or Helicobacter infection.

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