Energetics Of Food

15 March 2013

Energetics of Food

Many of my readers meditate, practice yoga, have used EFT, energy medicine or other complimentary healing modalities. They do this to bring about relief from specific symptoms. Something in their system is out of balance and they recognize a need to bring it back into balance.
When we are aware of our imbalances, we can make food choices which aid in the process of boom beach hack android re-balancing and fostering health.
Food contains more than vitamins, minerals, nutrients and water. Every cell of our food is made up of neutrons, electrons and protons. These carry a magnetic charge. Every cell of our body also has a magnetic charge. These charges can be quantified and qualified.
Dogs can hear sounds that humans cannot hear. Some animals can see things in a different visual spectrum from the human visual spectrum. In our daily lives, we do not sense the magnetic charges of food, although they have been scientifically proven.
Foods with the greatest quantity of magnetic charge are those in the whole unprocessed state. Cooked foods have reduced energy and a lower frequency. Their charge is also chaotic or unstable. When we eat foods which are unstable, we ingest that instability and propagate that to all the cells of our body.
One way to assess the energetic value of food is by considering how it grows. Foods which grow closest to the ground have a lower frequency. Foods which grow in trees have a higher frequency. Many complex factors are part of the overall equation, but this is a good place to start.
So when you boom beach cheats tool are feeling out of sorts or spacey and need to be grounded, eat something which grows near the ground or even underground: a carrot, some squash, a tomato. If you are feeling stuck, too grounded and uncreative, eat something which grows high: an apple, some cherries, an orange. Sometimes eating a diet of these kinds of foods for a day or three can make a dramatic shift in how you are feeling. Some people choose love here to eat certain foods in combination with a yoga practice or meditation for a short period of time to bring about a desired change.
As we come into the height of winter (or summer, depending where you are located), you may wish to experiment with altering your diet for a few days to bring about a change in health. Take a moment, now, to notice what you are feeling and where in your body you feel it. If you make an intentional change in what you eat for a few days, do another “check-in” and note what you feel and where in your body you feel it. Cultivating this connection between food and your body will likely heighten the experience you have when engaging covet fashion hack 2017 in healing modalities. Or it just may brighten your day.

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