Themes of Ghazals

06 January 2013

Romantic poetry is popular amongst both enthusiasts of poetry and those who only read poetry when it is presented to them specifically. Romantic poetry tells of conquests of love through the centuries, broken promises, dashed hopes and fulfilled dreams. They tell the stories of an emotion that is upheld and understood universally. Ghazals are the form of Urdu poetry that are used to express these romantic feelings.

Ghasals are poems that are popular in Urdu literature. They consist of several couplets that rhyme. These Urdu poems are generally shorter than other forms of Urdu poetry and trace their origins back to Arabic verse. Unlike other popular forms of romantic poetry, Ghazals are usually an expression of the pain associated with the loss or separation of a loved one. Ghazals express the pain that is associated with love and the beauty that is found in love despite this pain.

Over the centuries there have been several notable themes used in the composition of Ghazals, however two themes stand out amongst these. The first theme is that of an unattainable love that is illicit. Ghazals deal with check more the single subject of love. Many of the poets using this form of Urdu poetry have written poems focusing specifically on the theme of illicit love as well as unattainable love. It is important to note that Urdu poetry is heavily influenced by Islamic mysticism. Therefore the love that is spoken of in many Urdu poems may be interpreted to be the love felt for a higher being or for the love given to mortal men by this higher being.

The love expressed Ghazals is viewed as the love that will complete the person receiving it. If the love is attained by the one seeking it, the receiver will attain high ranks of wisdom and satisfaction. The love expressed in traditional Ghazals is interpreted as either love here deep spiritual love or explicit sexual desire.

Many poets wrote their poems from the point of view of a lover whose feelings were unrequited. The beloved portrayed in many Ghazals is viewed as unobtainable. The beloved may not return the poet&146;s love or return it without check here sincerity and the lover is aware of this. The themes of the Urdu poems are based on the resignation of the lover to their fate. The lover however, continues to love their beloved despite their powerlessness to change the mind and heart of their beloved.

The second theme that is common in Ghazals is related to the concept of Sufism. Sufism refers to the mystical elements of Islam. Many of the traditional poets who used this form of Urdu poetry were Sufis. Many others were sympathetic to the ideals of Sufism. Ghazals written by these authors had a spiritual context. The beloved in the Urdu poems written by these Sufis was used as a metaphor for God. This divine love served as the model for all other forms of love expressed in Ghazals of other themes. Many traditional Ghazals were exclusively about divine love.

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