The Wonders Of A Full Body Massage

04 January 2013

A full body massage is an experience that is truly relaxing. It relieves you of all your physical and even mental tensions. The one caveat is to get yourself massaged by a licensed professional massage therapist.

There are a number of benefits that a full body massage gives you.

The basic idea behind a massage is touch therapy. Humans tend to become ill physically and emotionally in the absence of touch. If a baby is not fondled, it languishes and becomes cranky, and even physically ill. This need to be touched is what imbues a massage with therapeutic qualities. Relaxation apart, it actually helps muscle fibers to heal after an injury, even to resist injury. Muscles get toned when massaged. The blood circulation improves, aiding general health and cell growth. The lymphatic circulation perks up too, thus improving the immune system. Massage removes blockages in these two circulatory systems. A massage, when done properly, relaxes you and invigorates you simultaneously. You get complete rest when you sleep and when you wake up you are more alert, and can get more work done.

Never had one before? Try it for a wonderful experience!

A visit to a massage parlor can cost you between $50 and $100 for an hour long session by a licensed masseuse. The cost is well worth the experience. In the private cabin that you&25251;l be assigned, you&25251;l have to remove your clothes and lie face down on a massage table. An assistant will drape a sheet over you, as much marvel future fight cheats tool for warmth as for modesty. The part being massaged will be uncovered and when that&25263; been massaged it will be covered up and the next portion will be uncovered. The masseuse will gently massage the body, using a massage oil, maybe, to help her fingers slide smoothly over the muscles. Aromatic oils may be mixed in with the massage oil for added aroma therapeutic effect.

Starting at the feet, she will work her way up, up the legs, to your hips, using her skilled hands to manipulate and relax the muscles, one by one. The blood vessels will also be relieved of various internal tensions, thereby improving the circulation of blood. The masseuse may use any one of a number of massage methods, varying in pressure and stroke, to get your circulation up to speed. Sometimes the massage therapist may use her own experience and her analysis of your particular condition to select this method; optionally, you may be asked to select the method you prefer.

Finished with the hips, the Check our website massage will proceed upwards over the back, the shoulders, your arms and hands, then get back to the neck and finally finish at your head.

You will feel a wonderful, gentle glow that is completely restorative. Just remember that massage as a therapy must be performed only by trained, licensed massage therapists, who have undergone a rigorous training in physiology. The strokes they use, the pressure to be applied, all this is part of their intense professional syllabus. They must pass a state-approved examination which includes a written portion as well as a practical portion before they are certified as professional massage therapists and licensed for public practice. All this is done to ensure that the recipient of the massage is not harmed in any way. So what are you waiting for?

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