Innovation projects

Focus is on projects of development and implementation of innovation products having prospects in the global market.


  • New Energy sources
  • Healthcare, healthy active ageing
  • Environment
  • Nano technology

PROJECTS — When Your Lifestyle Suits Your Heart

Project objective: to commercialize an existing technical prototype of an innovative ECG analytic software and ECG device into the global
market. determines cardiovascular deviants at early stages and helps to prevent the development of serious heart diseases to secure active and healthy ageing. Cardiolyse products provide a high precision individualized analysis of human heart signals in easy-to-understand color logic for anybody at anytime and anywhere.

Target market: global

Advantages and benefits:

  • 4th generation ECG device and analytic technology enables active ageing people, their families, caretakers and proofread my paper healthcare providers to get a snapshot information about current state of cardiovascular system and predict its trends.
  • Decisional support system is based on online and predictive computer modelling used by the patient him or herself (right now and right here decisions).
  • Saves time and money enabling a high quality diagnostics of cardiovascular state anywhere and reducing the number of visits to a doctor.
  • Provides tips for healthy and active lifestyle to predict serious cardiovascular diseases.
  • Enables the connection between person, his/her doctor and a family member to enable an independent and healthy ageing.

Development of small-sized concentrator solar cell batteries based on nitrogen containing compounds with highly efficient heat removal system

Project objective: To develop technology for staged photovoltaic converters with nitrogen containing compounds and to use it as the basis to create the solar cell prototype with 500 times solar energy concentration and highly efficient heat removal system based on the thermal tubes.

Target market: global

Future advantages and benefits:

  • Application of cheap sunlight concentrators
  • high efficient cooling system based on low-temperature thermal tubes will ensure optimal thermal modes for solar converters operation
  • 500 times of sunlight concentration.
  • The new solutions involve the use of modulation operation modes towards some process parameters of the MOSVD methods and it will alow to form the photoconverter with less defect density at heterointerface and to reduce galvanic losses between the stages. The reduction of galvanic losses between the stages will enable them to operate effectively under huge solar energy concentrations.
  • Application of creative design solutions will enhance the solar cells energy efficiency by decreasing substantially in their area and manufacturing costs, and thereby it will make possible to use them both on the ground and in space to establish power facilities for the spacecrafts.

Environmentally friendly mini facility for waste oil treatment

Project objective: to develop a technical prototype of environmentally friendly mini facility for waste oil treatment. The mini-facility will use the environmentally safe selective solvent. The mini-facility will provide high degree of oil purification without producing any hazardous wastes. The technical prototype will produce base oils of Group II and transmission gear oil of GL-Class 1 by processing the waste oils.

Target market: low income countries

Future advantages and benefits:

  • No large amount of waste oils is required to startup the facility. Can be located at the site of directly generated or locally collected waste oils.
  • The energy source to power facility is the distillation products.
  • Available to a wide range of small enterprises dealing with waste oil treatment.
  • High quality of the obtained products without secondary waste generation (no hazardous waste).
  • Uses environmentally safe selective instead of acids and hazardous solvents phenol (Phenol) or furfural (Furfural alcohol).


Project objective: Further development of the existing prototype to technical prototype of autonomous inverter of natural electromagnetic emanation into electricity and the use of this technology as a light pole of road (street) illumination. The proposed method (patent WO2013114285) of electromagnetic energy generation/collection allows production of cheap and clean energy. Now there is a technical prototype of inverter that generates 2.74 W of energy and is already tested in the lab.

Target market: global

Future advantages and benefits:

  • The main advantage is the reduction of dependence on hydrocarbon energy sources.
  • Absence of a negative impact on humans and the environment.
  • System operates autonomously, regardless of weather conditions (presence of wind); in the light and the dark; regardless of latitude and longitude
  • The system does not heat (a so-called “cold current”)
  • It takes much less space than similar in meaning and operation solar panels, wind systems, etc.
  • System design is without an antenna that is directly connected to a source of electromagnetic radiation (avoiding problem of ozone formation)
  • System is designed to operate without grounding (is mobile and able to function in any location above the Earth surface)
  • System is easy in service
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