Quantitative equity strategies

27 June 2013

Quantitative equity strategies (also referred to as equity market neutral or quant funds) dominated the headlines during July and August when many well known funds suffered steep losses in just a few weeks. While there are many explanations for the uant meltdown it seems that an unfortunate combination of events led to very unusual market behaviour which their statistical models could not handle. Some called it model misbehaviour.

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When you should buy airfare tickets is under no circumstances the sole element to ponder while searching for a cheap flight. There are numerous ripoffs, cheats and tips to utilize which can produce far better prices. If you’re searching for insanely cheap plane tickets, computer glitches and network area differences can change a four figure airfare into a 3 digit flight very easily..

Extra crowds are expected this year at the Catholic pilgrimage site of Fatima, which celebrates the centennial of the Virgin Mary apparition to three young villagers in 1917. To learn more about this event, travelers can check out the new Miracle of Fatima Interactive Museum, which features a 40 minute multisensory re creation of this apparition. The admission fee is steep and the tone is evangelical, but it probably the best of the commercial attractions in town..

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The retailer also took over an 86,000 square foot former Mervyns in Cerritos, Calif., last year and a 91,000 square foot location in Times Square in New York. Its new Las Vegas flagship is 127,000 square feet, about the size of an average Target, and in September, it will open a store in Mission Viejo, Calif., in a building previously occupied by Saks. Its biggest store, at 150,000 square feet, opened last month at a shuttered Gottschalks location in Fresno, Calif.

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