Xerox Going Green

19 February 2013

Xerox Going Green

Xerox is the leading document management service operator and manufacturer in the world. They are currently involved in making our world and that of our descendents a cleaner, healthier place to live. The green revolution has click this website come to Xerox and they are now developing more environmentally friendly technology.

Xerox has just presented a new brand of papers, Web tools and other resources that will be very useful to those who are looking for &25596;reen?printing products. The Web tools will be utilized in order to help dead trigger 2 hack android their customers find the products that will work for Visit here them and their projects and the best method of printing to utilize.

Printing Paper

The paper products that are offered by Xerox are recycled; and if not recycled then they have been certified by the environmental agency based on the standards of forestry click more details and forestry management. Color Xpressions, one such product, is made of 20 sheets of recycled paper. The surfaces of the pages have been smoothed, making them perfect for digital printing. Also, the brightness level is at 98, with 100 being the brightest, making the paper perfect for color photos, illustrations and documents. This paper is perfect for businesses because it can work in a multitude of areas from mini posters and brochures to manuals and business documents.

Another product that Xerox has in its earth friendly line is the High Yield Business Papers that have been manufactured from fibers that have been certified by the forestry council. This product is produced using less than half of the tree than the traditional paper manufacturing requires. The High Yield Business Papers do not get stuck in digital printing equipment and provide a superb paper for business forms and documents.

Look for the Green Seal

Green printing is the wave of the future and Xerox has made the decision to make it easier for customers to find the product they are looking for. They are going to place their sustainability mark in all of their green products and it will soon appear on the packaging material and products themselves this year. There will also be a short message from Xerox about the way they are helping to stop global warming and pollution through their paper recycling. You will also be able learn about the benefits you will be gaining from using these products.

As an added bonus, Xerox has gone above and beyond by providing their customers with an online database for customers to visit anytime. The database will educate visitors on how to choose their paper and inform them on how their purchase of green paper products will help in the preservation of our earth. There is also a section on how to practice green printing, which is minimizing waste and maximizing the use of your paper and ink.

Xerox is totally committed to their goal of implementing strict guidelines that will lead to forest preservation, including wood procurement and clean manufacturing of goods.

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