The Science Of Spiritualism

17 January 2013

The Science of Spiritualism

Part-4a: The Mystery of Form of Worldly Soul
The universe is beyond imagination that is functioning automatically in perfect harmony since eternity. The people have not seen the universe and thus have made the various kind of structure in their mind. When Jiva dies and leaves the body, then the body looses the consciousness and no movement of any kind occurs. It is a general tradition and thinking among us that the soul has left the body. While going it is not visible and also while leaving he does not say his departure to a particular place. Its functional ness can be known to only omniscient Gods who can see it and its where about and the causes of next modifications. Omniscient Gods are passionless, desire less, attachment less, know past, present and future at a time of everything and hence they give true description. The description of the universe has been given in previous article (3).
1.0 Soul activity: It is essential to know the basic characteristic of soul which is present in all the part of the body. Jive is invisible substance which has conscious entity or the living being known as Chetna or thought. Soul can also be defined as knowing continuously and observes sorrow-happiness. The purpose of soul has to be happy with the permanency. The entity of soul was in the past, also continuous in the present and will live in the future. While leaving the body, the Kerman body also associates with it and this invisible body is of cluster of Pedal atoms due to which modifications take place. The soul is very small and is as big as universe because it is multiple compound space body with the expansion property. The souls are infinite and all are equal with regards to basic characteristics but the worldly Jiva are largely divided into four categories from modification point of view;
1.1 Worldly Soul: These Jivas appear and disappear in the universe due to association of past Karmas performed. They are tied up in the worldly chain and Jiva roams in the constant cyclic time bound manner with the modifications in the 8.4 billion yonis.
1.2 Librated Soul (Mukta): Those Jivas who had shackled the chain of Karmas and are free from association of Karmas once for all. They had achieved moksa Tatav, a pure form of soul. The Moksa tatav will not allow the soul to associate with the Karmas at any moment. Therefore, the soul is in pure form having all the basic qualities and now resides on the Sidh Shila/Shiv Puri. Such souls are also infinite and will not come into worldly form ever.
1.1.1 Worldly Jivas are divided into five categories as per sensed: One sensed Jiva: Those living beings have one sense i.e. touch. These also called immobile beings and they are also two type: Fine body Jiva: Living being has no base body which can neither be stopped by anything and nor it can stop other substances. These are: – earth body soul, water body soul, fire body soul, air body soul, plant body souls. These exist all over the cosmic space possessing Karman body. Gross body Jivas (Badar Jiva): Living beings live on the base of support body which can be stopped by any thing and, it can stop other substances. They are five types: – earth body souls, water body souls, fire body souls, air body souls, plant body souls. Two sensed living beings: They have two kinds of senses- touch and smell. They are worms, shell, jonks, termites, shunkhs etc. Three sensed living beings: Those have three kinds of sense- touch, smell, taste. They are lice, moths etc. Four sensed Living beings: Those have four kind of senses- touch, smell, taste and seeing. They are flies, beetles, scorpions, mosquitoes etc Five sensed Living Beings: Those have five kinds of senses- touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing. They are frogs, snakes, animals, human, celestial, infernal living beings. This can be divided into two types;
Note: Sential living beings can think for the self support and unsupported attitude. For example human, celestial, infernal, lion, elephant beings etc and others are non-sential.
1.3 Nucleus (Yoni): As is known that jiva after death leaves the previous body and moves for new body. It reaches to that place where he gets suitable materials for love here building up of gross body. The gain of suitable materials is known as birth and the place where it gets these material particles is known Yoni (nucleus). The kind of yonis are widely spread and in many form. Although there are 84 lakhs yonis but basically it can be divided into a few classes as shown in table-1.
Table-1: Types of Yonis
S.N. Kinds of Living Beings No. of Types of Yonis, lakhs
1. Eternal lowest form of life (Nitya Nigod) 7
2. Non-eternal lowest form of life(Itara nigod) 7
3. Solitary plants souls 10
4. Earth body souls 7
5. Water body souls 7
6. Fire body souls 7
7. Air body souls 7
8. Two sensed jiva 2
9. Three sensed Jiva 2
10. Four sensed Jiva 2
11. Five sensed sub-human beings 4
12. Infernal beings 4
13. Celestial Check our website beings 4
14. Human beings 14
1.4 Different Types of Birth: the birth occurs by three methods:
1.4.1 By descent: Birth occurs without parents. The soul achieves adulthood right away. Celestial and infernal beings born this way.
1.4.2 By Agglutinating: The soul gets birth without sexual relationship between parents. In this system the soul reaches at the place where it has to be born and gets suitable particles from the surrounding and grows. By this process, one to four sensed Jivas born.
1.4.3 By Womb: The soul is born after an ovum becomes fertilized with sperm upon sexual relations in the womb of the female human. These are classified in three types: By Jrayuj: By Egg:. By Poat:
1.4 Gender: The living beings are recognized by sign which they gain sexual organs as a result fruition of the body making Karma, are called the material gender. These are three types and classified as per living beings characterized shown in table-2.
Table-2: Genders of Living beings
S.N. Type of Living beings Gender
1. Celestial beings up to 16th heaven Male, female
2. Celestial beings up to 16th heaven Male
3. Human beings Male, female, hermaphrodite
4. Land of enjoyment, beings
5. Non-Aryan lands, living beings Male, female
6. Action lands, all living beings
7. Infernal living beings Male, female, hermaphrodite
8. Agglutination beings Male, female
9. Beings in bad land of enjoyment Male, this website female
2.0 Places for Living Beings: Different living beings reside at various places/areas in the universe as per designation besides Moksa souls. The following are the places:
2.1 Living places for Sub-human Beings: –
2.1.1 Fine body one sensed living beings exist through out the cosmic space.
2.1.2 Gross body one sensed living beings are present in square tube (Trusnali). They exist in earth, water, fire , air bodies and common body plants.
2.1.3 Solitary plant souls reside in green vegetable, plants like flower, leaf, fruits, trees etc.
2.1.4 Two, three, four sensed living beings exist in all the action lands within
two & half Islands and they also reside in the last Island, Swayamprabhu within
middle loka/square tube.
2.1.5 Five sensed jiva can be divided into three types. Those beings living in water are called water living beings. Living in lands (Thalchar): Both the sential and non-sentient living beings live on the land. They are born either by womb or by agglutinating system. Their places are:
• 170 action lands, 850 Melechcha lands, Vijayarth mounts.
• Sentient five sensed jivas also reside in 30 enjoyment lands where they enjoy like human. Living in the Air (Nabhchar): They are birds, crows, parrot, peacock, etc who can fly. They are born either by womb or by agglutinating process. They are sentient and non-sentient. Their living places are:
• 170 action lands, 850 Melechcha lands, Vijyarth mounts
• Sentient jivas born by womb also reside in 30 enjoyment lands.
2.2 Human Beings: The living places of humans can be broadly classified into four classes.
2.2.1 Action lands: At the center of middle loka, two and half Islands have 170 action lands on which human beings reside which are similar to each others except very large variation in age and height. For the livelihood, they work such as arming, writing, farming, handcrafting, business, serving the society etc. Here, the human, be self support, can rise to a level of moksa.
2.2.2 Non-Aryan lands (Mlechcha bhumi): The 5 lands are adjacent to each action land and thus total are 850 lands. The human beings residing here are similar to us but their nature is reversed as they are not aware about the natural laws and reality of the nature. So they cannot go to Moksa. Devi/Devta is their God who helps them during adversity. It is an important point to observe that 10 Vijayarth mounts and 50 Non-Aryan lands in Bharat and Airavat areas have 4rth variable time period in which once the age and height of human’s decrease and other time increase as per law of time Chakra. Presently the conditions at the end of 4rth period in Bharat and Airavat areas are still same while at Videh area, the conditions of 4rth period are constant and unchangeable on all kinds of land.
2.2.3 Land of enjoyment: Within two and half islands, 30 lands of enjoyment are permanent and eternal. Additionally, there are 10 more lands which are also eternal but the influence of time variable period change occurs. On the 10 lands, six time periods take place one after another at designated intervals. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4rth time period have already ended. Now the 5th period is going on which is of 21000 years and after its completion, the 6th will commence. In love here all the time period, humans are like us except variation in age and height. In the lands of enjoyment, humans are born in twin pair (male-female) and at the same time their parents die. As a result they are not able to see the faces of their children. Hence there is no sadness and attachment here. These twin pair children grow themselves by sucking their thumbs and become young within 49 days. For livelihood, they do not work and get all needed materials from Kalpa tree free of cost. All are equal in status and hence there is no social and administrative system. They are happy humans and enjoy life and pass their time in enjoyment, talking, laughing, singing etc. Some right faiths human beings are involved in spiritualism. The quantity of food intake is small in the order of an orange. The weather is all the time normal and it is neither cold nor hot. The sun and moon light do not enter and all is available from Kalpa tree. The death occurs after
completion of designated age. These lands are classified into three types. Ten upper class lands of enjoyment- These humans have a very big body and age of 3 palya while they eat a little quantity once in three days. iddle class lands of enjoyment -Here the body size is less than the upper class and age of 2 palya. They eat a little quantity once in 2 days. Ten Lower class lands of enjoyment- The body size is less than the middle class and age of 1 palya. They eat a little food once a day.
All the living beings residing in lands of enjoyment are happy with no sadness. The food intake is very small in comparison of bodily size.

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