requirement of two years of college

26 April 2011

The same thing happened in New York in 2000, when the number of police applicants plummeted to 2,000 that year from 31,000 in 1996 [source: Chivers]. But instead of increasing the age limit, the department lowered it from 22 years old to 21 years old. It also waived the requirement of two years of college.

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There were no anguished media reports, no palpable tension in the capital city, no huddled discussions or outrage. An Emergency was declared at the airport. So what were the security, police, or even the Army doing? Whatever else they were doing, they were certainly not making any serious attempts to get the protestors to leave.

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It wasn’t like there are turnkeys or something for it.”Matus Duda / iStockProfessional curiosity good.”What’s that doooo?” less good.Okay, but he’d never even have gotten that far if he hadn’t passed a rigorous screening process, right?”The background check only takes into account actual criminal charges,” says Bob. “Some juvenile or civil charges could be ignored. For example, a co worker of mine has been arrested for bringing a knife and some pills to school, but since he was 17 at the time, that charge was not accounted for during the background check, and he got the job.

However, traveling with children is common in Cape May as well. In fact, according to Fodor Sunset Beach in Cape May is one of the seven best family beaches in the east and is within walking distance to the Cape May Lighthouse. You can also have fun finding Cape May diamonds along the beach; the quartz crystals resemble translucent pebbles and frequently wash up on the beach in Cape May..

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